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8 pk Letter Print Collection

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letter print fan dark.png

We have brought together all

8 of the letter print transparencies under one roof

– well to be more accurate, in the same envelope –

containing the full set of our characters' letters  from

Veith, Doris, Trad, Reig, Nate, Fionith, Taeg

and of course Lady Froncien,

overlaid with their corresponding image as

a transparency print.

Choose between a dark or light background pack for

your collection and do be sure to send

us some pics when you have decided  

how to display them!


Each pack includes 8 loose leaf letter transparency prints in one envelope, each set of 8 on either a dark or light background.

Please note items ordered with book 2 will be shipped together - this will affect dispatch times stated.  
If you need something within a particular time frame,
please order
book 2 separately.​

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