Privacy Policy for The Octunnumi Augmented Reality Application


This privacy policy governs your use of our Augmented Reality software application for mobile devices.  By using The Octunnumi app, you are agreeing with this privacy policy. Scariodintt Publisharys provide The Octunnumi app and reserves the right to change and modify this privacy policy at any time, without further notice.




The Octunnumi app does not collect any personal information by itself; however, libraries from Unity3D and Vuforia's augmented reality kit, may or may not collect and use personal information as described below.


The Vuforia AR platform may collect the following information (collectively “statistics”):


(I) Information about the end users’ devices such as:

a. Make, model and firmware version of the user’s device

b. Operating system name and version number of the user’s device

c. Camera profile version


(II) Information about the Software used to create the Developer Application such as:

a. Vuforia API version

b. Vuforia license keys for mobile and digital eyewear licenses

c. Cloud Recognition client key for apps that utilize Cloud Recognition (This feature is not utilized by The Octunnumi application)


(III) Information about the Developer Application and its use such as:

a. Application bundle ID

b. Application version, for tracking application upgrades

c. Application’s App Store ID recorded for Google Play Store

d. Initial application session timestamp, for the first time an app is launched after being installed on a device

e. Camera start and stop times. This is only recorded when the Vuforia app process is running.

f. Vuforia application process start / stop / resume timestamps

g. Recognition event timestamps

h. Log Data file configuration defines frequency and file size of the log file to be transmitted to PTC

i. Tracker state detected / tracking / lost timestamps

j. Target created / destroyed timestamps

k. Virtual button created / destroyed timestamps

l. Virtual button pressed / released timestamps


(IV) The IP address used by the end user’s device for the purpose of inferring the country / region of use (but not the exact location).


(V) Images submitted with Cloud Recognition queries in order to match image for a Recognition event (This feature is not utilized by The Octunnumi app).


You can access the Unity privacy policy here:


LTD does not collect additional unique identifiers or personal information using The Octunnumi application.


How is the data collected disclosed?


The Octunnumi application is built using the Unity game engine and Vuforia AR platform. The Vuforia AR platform (PTC Inc.) uses the Statistics as follows. PTC and/or its affiliates and service providers may collect and use Statistics: (a) to provide the Software and Services, (b) to improve and optimize the Software and Services for different hardware and software requirements on various consumer devices (commonly referred to as device fragmentation), (c) to facilitate the provision of new products, updates, enhancements, technologies, and other services, (d) to improve the Software, the Services, and other products, services and technologies of PTC or its affiliates, and for any business purpose if de-identified and/or anonymized.


How is collected data retained?


The Octunnumi app does not collect any personal information by itself. However, data collection by the Unity game engine is aggregated/anonymized and available to developers at PTC Inc.  PTC Inc. is responsible for the storage of data collected by the Vuforia AR platform.




You can stop all collection of information by  The Octunnumi application by uninstalling the The Octunnumi application. You may use the standard uninstall processes available as part of your mobile device.





The Octunnumi application is built using the Unity game engine and Vuforia AR platform.  You can access the Unity privacy policy here:


The Vuforia AR platform (PTC Inc.) collects Statistics which are listed in the "WHAT DATA DO WE COLLECT?" section of this privacy policy. Statistics collection by the Vuforia AR platform include the IP address of the user's device. No other personal information is collected by the Vuforia AR platform (PTC Inc.). The persistent identifier is collected for the purpose of inferring the country / region of use (but not the exact location of the user).


How does The Octunnumi app work?


The Octunnumi app utilizes augmented reality technology and camera only to recognize the position of printable component markers. This process is done on the device and does not transmit images to a cloud based service. The position of these markers is used to simulate events on the device screen.


What information does The Octunnumi app collect?


A detailed list of all the information collected can be found in the app privacy policy above. The information collected includes the device IP address. The IP address is used internally by Vuforia (PTC Inc.) to determine the country / region of use.


Does the app include advertising?

The Octunnumi application does not include banner ads or targeted advertising.




By using the The Octunnumi app, you consent to this privacy policy.




If there are any questions regarding The Octunnumi app privacy policy you may contact us using the information listed below:  

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