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Onseubel  Imetfim 

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First offered with the PRE Order edition of

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue,

       these unassuming metal insignias are a mainstay of the          Octunnumi world.

Highly revered by the Octunnumi beings for their significance,

each emblem represents unification and are intrinsic components

to the integral existence of a much bigger entity and

are vital to the very nature of The Octunnumi. 

Each blackened metal insignia comes with its own

floating double aperture lightweight faux metal finish frame,

complete with stand.


Although of a similar design to the original

 PRE Order insignia emblem, they are of course not an exact replica but do carry their very own unique markings to set them apart whilst complementing the originals.


External Measurements of frame approx;  7 x 7 x 2cm

Height with stand approx;  10cm

Please note items ordered with book 2 will be shipped together - this will affect dispatch times stated.  
If you need something within a particular time frame,
please order
book 2 separately.​

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