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Hello lovely beings...


Welcome to our Creatives page.



 As part of our ongoing expansion we are currently seeking out artists to bring to life the world of The Octunnumi in the form of

illustration and/or paint.

This is not a competition - there are no winners or losers.

There is no time limit.

Please be sure that you have read the following T&C's and you are happy to submit your work.




Terms and Conditions.

By submitting/tagging us, you agree to The Octunnumi  re-sharing and/or posting for the purposes of the Octunnumi community. You also acknowledge that we are developing merchandise of our own and, should The Octunnumi replicate or reproduce anything similar at any point in the future, then this will be purely coincidental as we will wherever possible protect your copyright 100%.  Should an occasion arise when we would like to reproduce  any works shared with us, be assured that we will  contact you to discuss this with you.

Please be aware of scams. If you are approached and are unsure of the origin or authenticity, do contact us via our connect pages here on this website.


Your participation does not form any

contract or agreement between parties.

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