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The Octunnumi Ecosralayceum.

A private,

Members Only

 eclectic gathering of

like-minded beings


exclusive content.



 Welcome to a new and exciting way to enjoy

The Octunnumi world!

Follow the exploits of The Octunnumi Alliance outside of the

Fosbit Files series,

have exclusive access to a positive plethora

of undiscovered and as yet unwritten musings…  

discover unexplored lands; visit the familiar;

delve into the lore; explore the history.

 As a member you will have access to exclusive offers,

along with priority access to any

Octunnumi Events and Happenings.

This is not a physical product but an online entry to the world of

The Octunnumi only available via our website.

With new content being uploaded monthly,

your membership will allow you access to otherwise unseen

writings, interviews and

behind the scenes information,

with contributions from across the Innesomids and their inhabitants.


Please note...

The Ecosralayceum Membership will not in any way impact

on the narrative of the ongoing Fosbit Files series.


The content of the membership platform will merely be a

companion at best and frivolous waffle at worst

so there is no need at all to feel pressured to join up

for fear of missing anything to do with the main storyline – you

do not need to be part of this membership platform to be part of

The Octunnumi community – you already are!

Upon launch you will be able to sign in to your membership account on

The Octunnumi website

to view unseen writings, musings and thoughts on, about and from

The Octunnumi and its inhabitants, with contributions from your favourite Octunnumi beings.


So join us on a ramble through the world that is

The Octunnumi… we cannot wait to welcome you.

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