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Embroidered  Velvet Bookmarks


Exclusively designed for
The Octunnumi Fosbit Files
Prologue & Chapter I
– aka Books 1 & 2 –
these tactile, beautiful and all round scrummy
are the first in the
collection currently being developed for
The Octunnumi Odditarys and Artistarys.

Exclusively designed for The Octunnumi book series,
these exquisite,

soft touch velvet bookmarks with
tactile embroidered detail in
black and gold thread
replicating the verses as per either the
Prologue or Chapter I books covers. 

Measuring a generous 46 x 8cm and carrying the fabulous
Onseubel insignia, you can be sure you will
not lose your place not only in
your Octunnumi adventure
but any  book reading expedition that takes your fancy.


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