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 Giclée Fine Art Print

Fionith trimmed.jpg
Trad trimmed.jpg
Nate trimmed.jpg
Reig trimmed.jpg
Lady F trimmed.jpg
Veith trimmed.jpg
Doris trimmed .jpg
Taeg trimmed.jpg

Each one of the eight characters from

The Letter Collection

have been brought to life by our  very own  awesome

Octunnumi artist the fabulous

Quigelan Etteen Duteln.

(Kwig-el-an  Et-een  Duh-teln)

Recognised throughout the art world for premium print quality capturing the authenticity of the original works,

Giclée prints are the go-to reproduction process

for artists wishing to capture the

true colours and tonal values of their art in the form

of high-quality prints.


We are thrilled to bring you the 

awesome work of the amazing Quig

by way of these fabulous

portraits of our lovely Octunnumi beings.

These vibrant colour-popping prints on

archival grade heavyweight paper are available in a

finished size of 148.5 x 210mm (A5).

Featuring specialist inks,

these high resolution reproductions of the

acrylic and oil

on canvas originals

bring to life these

absolutely fictional not really in any way characters…

These vibrant art originals

are reproduced to exacting standards as quality

A5 Giclée prints.

Choose from Vieth, Trad, Reig, Lady F, Taeg, Fionith, Nate and of course, Doris.

Please note that the images shown are of the

original acrylic and oil artwork and not the

Giclée  print as these are created to order only.

Colour and tone may vary.


Please note items ordered with book 2 will be shipped together - this will affect dispatch times stated.  
If you need something within a particular time frame,
please order
book 2 separately.​

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