The big art tease…

 Fine art at its finest. 

Each one of the eight characters from the Letter Collection have been brought to life by our  very own  awesome Octunnumi artist.


These vibrant art originals, hand painted in acrylics or oil on canvas

are reproduced to exacting standards as quality A5 prints.  

Choose fromVieth, Trad, Reig, Lady F, Taeg, Fionith, Nate and of course, Doris.


Naturally, being the Octunnumi, we are not going to just let you feast your eyes on these fabulous works – oh no , that would be very un-Octunnumi – after all, it is well known that with all things Octunnumi everything becomes clear over time… but do please keep checking in with us or keep an eye on our social media pages for more intriguing snippets.