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Fancy a read along companion to your
'Original in the box, only to be read in sterile conditions
whilst wearing protective clothing and squinting because
you don’t want to break the spine copy of
The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue'…
or simply want to have a book that is not
afraid of a bit of love and can be read with carefree abandonment?
Then an Oddbodarys is for you.
Please be aware these are imperfect copies.

The History of Oddboarys.

Much as we love our Gremlin friends,

they do on occasion cause a little chaos which is

their natural state of being. 

A little mayhem focuses the mind and

is the Gremlins’ purpose, after all.

However, whilst we are the first to admit

that their actions can be a little frustrating,

 they can actually lead to fortuitous outcomes.

This is such an occasion, for the

making of mischief that is the Gremlins’ way

has resulted in us here at

HQ having a number of copies of

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue

(Book I)

that are less than the exemplary

standard set by our

designers, makers and creators.


They are – we are told – seconds,

although we would prefer to call them


the ultimate nonconformists,

their desire to be a little different

being so strong that they manage

to stand out from their counterparts,

preferring to embrace the anomalies

that set them apart and thus making them unique.


Whilst they seem perfectly happy to languish

undisturbed on a shelf,

we here at The Octunnumi know they are bound

(quite literally)

for greater things.

Having debated long and hard on what to do

with our little misfit beauties

– for they are still beauties –

we are hopeful that you lovelies will save our

Oddbodarys from a life of tedious inactivity

and give them the loving

homes that they deserve

at a fraction of the cost of their

flashy cousins with all their

fancy wraps, boxes,

added extras and exclusive content!


Please be aware that we do not know what,

if any, flaws or marks there are on these copies.

They do not come in boxes or wraps and

quite possibly do not come with

any added extras or exclusive content.

They will of course have the exact same fabulous

narrative, layout, and be legible.


Should you lovelies take it upon yourself to rehome

any of our Oddbodarys,

they are not returnable

as this would surely be too

much for any little Oddbodarys to be able to bear.

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