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Hello lovely beings...


The Curator concludes this run of added extras

and exclusive content accompanying


The Octunnumi Fosbit File



 Items that may or may not be needed to participate in anything

that may or may not be going on in some future place space time.

When lines for The Curator close subsequent books of

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue

(Book 1)

will be a little different

Same fabulous narrative and aesthetics as always but how they are packaged will change and they will no longer carry any added extras or exclusive content

– well maybe –

we say maybe because you never know what is going

to happen in

Octunnumi world but for sure for the time being there are

no plans to include any extras

– honest, there isn’t –



 But then again, all good endings have a habit of making way for new beginnings.


These items do not impact or have any bearing on the narrative of the book.

You do not need any of them to enjoy The Octunnumi adventure, but if you do have them, be sure to hang on to them and keep an eye on our social media pages or alternatively subscribe to our web pages for advance notifications of what may or may not be happening at some point – maybe…

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue

- Book I -

The Curator.


The same book – different exclusive extras!


The Curator, twin to The Custodian,

the same in every way bar

one tiny detail...

it knows things.


The Curator

is the knower of other things,

the holder of other information,

the one with the answers

– well more questions than answers really, but still, it knows where the answers are – roughly – sort of.


With new exclusive extras

The Curator

is the next step in what may or may not be an

Octunnumi Events and Happenings!

As with all things Octunnumi, everything becomes

clear over time...


Limited stocks

For more details on this and other

added extras and exclusive content

please follow the link below.

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue,

The Curator.

This is BOOK 1

It is NOT book 2!

This IS the latest version


The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue;

the same narrative,

same aesthetics,

same packaging,

same amazing

Octunnumi Experience

 new exclusive content

Please note
Items ordered with book 2 will be shipped together - this will affect dispatch times stated.  
If you need something within a particular time frame,
please order
book 2 separately.​

The Octunnumi, Odditarys and all associated marks TM and © Scariodintt Publisharys 2021

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