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Discovering your Tarelen name


Your Tarelen name can only be gifted.

To be gifted a Tarelen name is a great honour and should not be worn lightly.

To gift it is a great responsibility and should not be bestowed lightly.

A gifted  name requires personal knowledge of the recipient and

is an insight into how the receiver is viewed

by those around them and this is why it is a gift,

as you cannot see yourself as others do.

The true meaning of these names may or may not be disclosed

as this is at the discretion of the giver.

Tarelen names are never negative, derogatory or damning

as this vibe would only reflect back onto the giver and

therefore serve no purpose

other than to bring the very meaning of those words

back to the one who bestowed them.


It is always wise to consider your words carefully.


Your Tarelen name can change as you expand, evolve, become your true self.

This can come easily or with time; neither is right or wrong – it just is.

Whilst you may have many gifted names over your lifetimes you will

in the end become the one ‘you’ and will have ultimately found yourself.

Only you can discern when  this is.

Sometimes this equilibrium is found early; sometimes it takes a little longer

but it is always found.

You can ask to be gifted a name by a trusted being in your life

or they can offer you the gift of a name.


Complete with certificate of authenticity, each name is carefully crafted and assembled here at

The Octunnumi by our Tarelen linguistics expert.

No two names are the same, although they may have similar meanings or sentiment.

They are unique to you.

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