Hello lovely beings…


Welcome to the latest edition of

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue.

The Custodian

As we say this is NOT book 2!

It does NOT come with The Letter Collection

This is the latest edition

(re print) of

The Octunnumi

Fosbit Files


the same narrative,

same aesthetics,

same packaging,

same amazing

Octunnumi Experience

 with new exclusive AR and added content.

Please note that if you already have your copy of

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue,

you do not need to buy this copy to be in the loop…

you do not need to buy this for fear of missing out.

You do not need every piece of added content to enjoy The Octunnumi.

The extras in each book, while interesting,

are not essential to your reading journey.

If you have any one of The Octunnumi Fosbit File Prologue editions then you are already part of the Octunnumi Community – you already belong.

We repeat, you do not need to buy more than one copy of the Prologue.

One copy is all you need to be part of the adventure.

And as for content:

No, you will not get the letter.

No, you will not get the small cards.

Yes, you will get something new that may or may not be

part of an ongoing puzzle,

a puzzle that you do not need all of the pieces to complete.

In fact, the whole point is that you do not have all of the pieces to the puzzle…

if it were a puzzle, that is.

Oh, and also please, please do read the plethora of reviews that are available online – The Octunnumi is not for everyone.

 The Octunnumi magic does not embrace everyone…

and for the love of all things written, please remember

this is a PROLOGUE!.


Definition: prologue (noun)

A prologue is an opening to a story that establishes the context, sets the scene, introduces characters and gives background details, often some earlier story that ties into the main one, and other miscellaneous, relevant information. 



if you like your narrative all tied up in a neat bow then please do not buy

The Octunnumi. 

Not everyone gets it. Not everyone understands and that is as it should be.

We repeat – The Octunnumi is not for everyone.

Please understand that this is just the beginning of a brand new adventure and, like all good adventures,

you are never completely sure which direction you are going in.

After reading The Octunnumi (should you even manage to get to the end), you will either be filled with exhilaration or as flat as a pancake.

Either emotion is no reflection on you, but rather how The Octunnumi operates.  Again, please seek out the reviews.

We have plenty of 1* and plenty of 5* and plenty of in-between stars and we beg you to read a good cross section before buying.

Much time, effort, and a great deal of love has gone into the creation of

The Octunnumi.

The last thing we want is for it to be homed in an environment

where it is not loved.

These things affect us, you see.


If you like ordinary, if you like predictable, to be honest if you like to know what is going on from one page to the other, then you are not going to like

The Octunnumi.

There is nothing about The Octunnumi that is straight forward – much like life, it is mostly organised chaos masquerading as intention.

So to recap: same book; same narrative; same aesthetics; same packaging; same awesomeness; different AR (when it goes live) and different added content.

Now much as we hope that you are going to be progressing to the purchase page, if you do not resonate with the above then click away

 - do not buy this book - buy a book you relate to -

If, on the other hand you are still with us then welcome to

The Octunnumi Adventure

for sure you are in for an awesome ride.