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The Letter Collection

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 12.01am GMT 2nd Jan 2022

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Octunnumi Odditarys

containing as yet unreleased Octunnumi merchandise.

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The Letter Collection.


Our most requested item from our wonderful Octunnumi Community is,

for sure, the added content from the various editions of The Prologue.


Now whilst the added content that accompanies each edition is exclusive and unique to each edition, we thought that it might be nice to have a version of this content available to those who would like such a thing.


So, as our very first offering from the Octunnumi Odditarys, we bring you


The Letter Collection.

(This is not a book - it does not come with a book)


 The character letters originally accompanied the PRE Order editions

and whilst

the letters in this fabulous collection are NOT the same as the PRE Order

exclusive content, they are a version of.


A very lovely version, even if we say so ourselves, but certainly not the

same as the ones that you may already own.


Whilst they of course carry the same words of wisdom from the fabulous

Nate, Fionith,Vieth, Doris, Trad, Reig, Taeg

and of course the awesome Lady F,

other elements will have changed and, as always, may or may not

contain a little something extra.


These are, as you would expect, unique in their own special way.


So to summarise,

The Letter Collection

is not a book nor does it come with a book.

It is a collection of character letters

which includes:

Eight character letters which are very lovely versions of the 

original added content letters from the

PRE Order Edition.

They all carry the same message from the same lovely beings

and may or may not have a little something extra for you lovelies.

All together for the first time in one place for you to own…

Please note

they do NOT come with

a copy of

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue

and are a separate item to the book.​

All Letter Collection oders placed between

12.01am GMT 24th Dec 2021


12.01am GMT 2nd Jan 2022

however will be part of our

Pay It Forward



Wishing you the absolute best of everything always...


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