Hello lovely beings...

The most amazing things are happening here at The Octunnumi and, much as we are positively itching to spill the beans, we are sworn to secrecy – with the threat of our biscuit allowance being scrapped if we do not adhere – we love our biscuits – so we remain lips zipped (unless eating said biscuits) – for the time being, anyway.


However, there is some marvellous news that we can tell you about – something we can absolutely shout from the roof tops – metaphorically speaking of course – we don’t want anyone on roof tops… well, unless you are of the beings that live there but that’s a whole different story. 

Anyway, our news… 

The totally awesome Sideshow have joined forces with Scariodintt Publisharys to bring you the best of quality service and loveliness.

The lovely beings at Sideshow now have exclusivity over the sale of The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue books and whilst you can still access the ‘buy’ pages via our website, you will be directed to the Sideshow platform to make and complete your purchase for books.  All other merchandise can still be found on The Octunnumi website.

So now you not only have the most fabulous website to browse and discover more of The Octunnumi World and its wonderful Octunnumi Odditarys but also the added fabulousness of Sideshow’s lovelies making sure that your purchase experience so much more.

What else can we say other than jump on and enjoy the ride – we cannot wait to welcome you lovely beings to The Octunnumi Adventure…

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Wishing you the absolute best of everything always...

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