It’s happening!

 Fabulous news, lovely beings – ALL pre-orders are now with fulfilment and are working their way through logistics.


 Here they will be

processed in chronological order by



We, like many others,

prioritise the health and safety of our

wonderful colleagues across the whole sector and are feeling the effect a UK national lockdown has brought to bear, so daily output is a little limited at this time. 


However, we do aim to have all orders from

12 Dec to 25 Jan inclusive

dispatched by the end of the month…

guidelines permitting.


Please know, we do not have any more knowledge on shipping than you do – in fact, you will be first to know as you will receive an email with tracking info when your copy is on the move.


We really appreciate your continued patience and understanding but do ask that you consider the impact Covid is also having on your local postie as well as postal services across the world. 

We here at The Octunnumi are sooo looking forward

to you lovely beings receiving your copies

– do come back to us when you have them –

we love feedback…


However, unfortunately

– and we cannot believe this is even a subject we have to bring up –

we are experiencing an alarming amount of abuse from a minority of beings.


Now we know you are waiting and your patience is

being tested but please…

there is no reason, excuse or justification for aggressive,

threatening and frankly unOctunnumi behaviour

that we here at The Octunnumi are being subjected to.

– admittedly it is only the few –

but it is these few who are overshadowing the truly lovely beings that make up our fabulous Octunnumi community.


So please play nice when contacting our wonderful

beings who are working their little socks off to

help you with your queries

– it takes nothing to be kind –

and your karma will thank you for it.