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Varlleter Rarities

cog card pic 1_edited.png

Originally forming part of The Waiting List Edition, each of these highly esteemed

Varlleter Rarities are a must have for any self-respecting Varlleter.


Allowing unbridled access to the world of the Octunnumi, these particular items are, as the name would suggest, a rarity in the Varlleter community.

Each card is supplied with its own faux metal finish floating frame with individual stand.

                    Initially thought lost to the world of The Octunnumi,                  the discovery of their existence

has ignited the myth surrounding them and

whilst as yet the secrets to unlocking their hidden worlds have not been found,

like all things Octunnumi, everything becomes clear over time.


External Measurements of each frame approx;  9 x 9 x 2cm

Height with stand approx; 13cm

Please note items ordered with book 2 will be shipped together - this will affect dispatch times stated.  
If you need something within a particular time frame,
please order
book 2 separately.​

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