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Hello lovelies....

welcome to the pages of the

Octunnumi Olchrencsi.

But first a little about Peskies...


Ipseke –  known as Peskie or the commonly misspelt Piksee

(noun) A being who without reason causes disruption.

(adj) Prone to interfering.

Thought to be a hybrid of the Scariodintt and Merglin

- see Scariodintt and Merglin -

Taken from the book of… Grimanumiia  of Nutethival Cateppaeli

Ipsekes come in many forms and are not easily recognisable

and when you do, it is most often when it is too late

and the damage is done.

You see, they  just cannot stop themselves – they just have to interfere.

Some say their intention is to help

whereas others would disagree,

considering the level of unhelp they end up achieving in their actions.


They especially seem to thrive on deadlines, which brings us to today.

Today we were to reveal your instalment of the Octunnumi Olchrencsi

- but no, it is not to be -

we only have ourselves to blame of course, they offered you see,

 - the peskies -

they offered to help us and… well…


One might wonder if they were in fact helping unseen forces

with their quest to deny you our fabulous

Octunnumistas’ access to this information

 - information which is of course not real - none of it - not one bit…


Anyway, we digress.

We will as always persevere so do keep an eye on our social media posts for the heads up on when your continued adventure is secured.


In the meantime, we will track down the Peskie responsible…

we have a strong suspicion who that might be – any one seen Gus recently?

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