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Hello lovely beings…

It has been decided

– against all of our advice to the contrary –

that we should share with our fabulous

Octunnumi Community here in Fethrist,

a selection of quotes known fondly as

Wally’s Wise Words.  

When we say 'known as' we are told that is what they are

and by 'fondly' we mean that the

other terms attributed to these quotes

are not printable.


We digress.​

In the early days, Wally’s Wise Words

were usually – and quite rightly so, confined to a few unfortunates that happened to be in the vicinity when said

Wally’s Wise Words were spoken and even then,

due to the little chuckle that always precedes said words,

they could and can for the most part,

be avoided.

Of course, Wally’s wise words have latterly been

circulated via a network of like-minded

beings and duly enjoyed by those that wished to partake.

This of course led to much bigger things,

allowing them to be freely available to those who wished to find them,

the emphasis being on the freedom to find them.

Although they now masquerade under a different moniker,

and this is still the cause of much irritation to the much maligned Wally,  

the freedom of choice is still yours.

You are free to find them or not, as the case may be, and not have them thrust upon you with no prior warning, as will now be the case.

 Many of you will already have met Wally and will know that his actions, although sometimes questionable, come from a place of love.  

Wally’s Wise Words are no different.

Although mostly Wally's take on actual wise words,

these quotes, on some weird level,

sort of work

and somehow appear to be very wise.

In a Wally kind of way.


Nonetheless please believe

we have rallied,

we have fought,

we have pleaded…

that you be spared these ramblings.

Alas, it is now out of our control and the first of

Wally’s Wise Words

will be appearing on a social media platform near you soon.

For this we ask your forgiveness.

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