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Please note you do not need any of the added extras or exclusive content that may or may not accompany The Octunnumi Fosbit Files editions or Odditarys You do not need to have more than one copy of book 1 and 2 to enjoyThe Octunnumi narrative.



The Octunnumi editions...


The intention from conception of The Octunnumi in print form was that we, from time to time, offer differing items within the pages, therefore having its own unique something, whether it be a tweak to the book itself, or perhaps some design feature that differs from the others, and of course the occasional 'extra' which may or may not come with the book at the time and may or may not have some relevance to a later

Octunnumi Events and Happenings!

The idea behind our decision to do this was to share the love... to allow beings to be able to have something special in The Octunnumi – no matter whether it be the 1st, the 10th or the 100th edition – something to set it apart from all the others.

And like all things Octunnumi, these features may not be apparent immediately but rather will reveal themselves over time.

So whilst you may be feeling that, as you do not have some feature that others do, you have somehow missed out – trust us, you have not.

There are hidden layers to every part of the Octunnumi and the various extras are but

a small part of this.

Added extras and exclusive content...

To answer your questions regarding the exclusive

content and added extras

that may or may not be included

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files

Prologue or Chapter I


Octunnumi Odditarys and Artistarys

we here at The Octunnumi thought the following

may or may not  help.

As you lovelies are of course aware, each of

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue/Chapter I

comes with its own unique

added content and/or extras as do our

Octunnumi Odditarys and Artistarys.

However, whilst these sundries are fun, they do not have any significance to

The Octunnumi narrative.

Well not the one in the book.


They may, however, have some relevance to as yet unannounced

Octunnumi Events and Happenings

that may or may not be a thing at some point in the future,

and for this, they all play a part in the bigger picture.

If there were a bigger picture!

 The Octunnumi ethos, as you know, is that we are better together than apart,

with each having their part to play.

This applies to the many layers that are

The Octunnumi.

So you see, each being

is as important as the other and,

as with all things Octunnumi,

it is paramount that we work in harmony

to reach our goals. 

With this in mind, you will see that you do not need to have all

of the pieces to this may or may not be puzzle;

in fact that is the whole point.

Should there be any reason for the added extras and content

to be called to action then you may or may not need to work to

find your fellow Octunnumistas

for any quest that may or may not be a thing,

in order to make sense of the seemingly random

parts of this may or may not be puzzle.

There, glad we cleared that one up.



Wishing you the absolute best of everything always.

Again - you do not need any of the added extras or exclusive content that accompanies The Octunnumi Fosbit Files books or Odditarys to join in the may or may not be a future   Octunnumi Events and Happenings!

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