Hello lovely beings…

Thank you so much for wanting to connect with us here at

The Octunnumi.

We are highly responsive beings between 9am-5pm (GMT)

and less so after these hours.

Before you message us please be aware of the following


Many of you now have, or will be soon, receiving a status update from                     ‘processing’ to ‘shipped’!


Tracking numbers however will follow shortly as we are experiencing some technical difficulties in this area

(it'll be those pesky Gremlins at play again)

We BEGAN shipping on 9 Feb, copies are being sent in


using both date and time,

within the period of 12 December to 25 January inclusive.

Our UK based logistics team are sending the orders out at a

RESTRICTED pace to meet Government Covid-19 guidelines

and keep our staff and colleagues SAFE.

Please do not be concerned if you do not receive your tracking

number at this time, we are still working chronologically.

Your order status will change to SHIPPED once your copy has

been dispatched from our logistics dept.


If your query is about a change or amendment of address – please submit your ORDER NUMBER, FIRST LINE

of original shipping destination and


shipping destination. 

Please note: as orders have started to be dispatched some

changes may not be possible

If there is anything other than the above we can help you with,

please do drop us a line.