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We thought it would be helpful to answer some of the most recurring questions asked of us here at The Octunnumi. Obviously, if we have not covered your query, then do please drop us a line via our connect page.

Where can I get my copy of The Octunnumi?

- The only place to purchase The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue is from our website -


Is there a hardback edition of The Octunnumi?
- The book is not available in  hardback – yet. Due to the complexities and special finishes of The Octunnumi cover, it was not possible to produce a hardback edition to the standard that the book demanded, so we developed a hybrid version of hard and paper back.
Measuring 15.4 x 23 x 4.5cm and weighing in at just under a kilo - which goes some way to explain the shipping costs, The Octunnumi commands the attention of a hard back – the heavier grade board we have used for the cover provides stability and impact whilst allowing us to have a combination of embossing, spot  UV, foiling and soft touch laminate as an awesome finish. This also enabled us to incorporate the fabulous AR features via our free app.

However, plans are afoot to publish a special edition which will be in hardback and have many unique features exclusive to itself. Unfortunately, due to the current unsettling times we are unable to put a date on this.

What is The Octunnumi about?

- For more in-depth information, take a look at our Goodreads, TikTok and Instagram platforms where we have been blessed with some amazing reviews – however, be aware that there are plot spoilers on some. Also, take a look at our about page, which gives you more clues than you could wave a stick at… and if you are still none the wiser or not even a little bit intrigued, then The Octunnumi may not be for you.

When is Book Two out?

-We are, like you lovelies, eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. However, we are sure you appreciate that such a thing cannot – and quite honestly – should not be rushed. You all deserve the very best and that, we can assure you, is what is being created just for you all. So we kindly ask that you have patience fabulous Octunnumiers, for your understanding will be rewarded.


Does the packaging come as standard?

- The packaging, featured in the brilliant unboxing videos that we are so grateful for, is standard and all copies come as seen. We want everyone to enjoy The Octunnumi experience to the full!

Is The Octunnumi available in any country?

- We ship worldwide - if your area is not listed, do contact us.

- We can combine shipping for multiple orders. Please contact us before placing an order-

- We offer discount on bulk orders – please contact us with your request.

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