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Hello lovely beings…


In answer to your requests that we offer

The Octunnumi

at different price points,

we  now have listed four price options

for you to choose your very own

Octunnumi Experience.


Each of the following options have the same fabulous

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue

narrative with the aesthetic

of the book being the same.


With the exception of the Oddbodarys,

all are of excellent retail condition

 with various classifications of presentation,

therefore offered at varying prices.

All options will be shipped in appropriate mailing packaging.


Classifications are as follows:

The Oddbodarys...

An imperfect retail copy with no extras, outer wrap, added content or box and most likely will have imperfections to the cover.

These copies are not refundable.

The Contemporary...

A perfect retail copy simply wrapped in tissue paper with no added

items, wrap or box.


The Classic...

A perfect retail copy complete with bookmark, outer

wrap and belly band,

with logo card but no box.

The Curator...

A perfect retail copy complete with bookmark, wrap, belly band,

logo card, box - and of course the added extras and /or content.

Do head back to our information pages to select yours.

The Chic 3.png

The Contemporary

The Classic 2.png

The Classic

prologue items 3.png

The Curator

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